Keywords – Use in Your Domain Name

The ability to discover what current keywords are popular in your particular field and incorporate them in your web site will enhance your overall visibility to search engines. Since this is so key, excuse me, I mean important to your web site marketing, a smart place to start is with your domain name.

What is a keyword? Simply put, keywords are the actual words, phrases and sentences that people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. Some words and phrases are used more often than others. To know which words are used and their frequency is one of the deciding factors that will determine how your web site is pulled up during a search.

Where do I find Keywords? I used one of the free word search tools that you can find on the link sidebar. In general these tools will have you put in the words or phrases you want ranking information on and you will click a search. The variety of similar words, including yours, will come up with use frequency attached.

How do I use keywords? For instance, when researching the domain name for this new blog, I found out how many times search engine optimization type words and phrases were used in information searches. Out of list results I chose one of the most popular (SEO). This site is quality content oriented online marketing and so I have the word “write.” This is how was created.

Don’t worry if you already have a domain name that you got before you knew this information. Besides, if your domain name is your brand, that’s the best. The next two articles will discuss how to use keywords effectively within your web site and article writing.

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By Rhonda Abrons