How Do I Register a Domain Name That Brings More Website Traffic?

Before answering the question “How do I register a domain name that brings more website traffic?”, you have to look closely at your product or service. You have to consider your customers and how they will search for your website. The right domain can make a difference in the amount and quality of traffic you get to your site. So, where do you start?

Brainstorm Words And Phrases

Go through your offer – be it a product, a service, a membership site, an online store – and brainstorm a list of words to describe it. What words best represent your offer? What words do you think that prospective customers would enter in the search engines to find your website, your product, your service, your store?

Create a list of short phrases. For example: If you are selling an e-book that shows people how to train their horse for dressage, some of the phrases in your list may be “horse training” or “dressage training”. These words will be the basis for your site name.

Up Your Chances And Appeal

Most basic phrases will be already taken for domain names, so create a list of names by adding a modifying word, like “best” or “elite”. In the case of the dressage training you could have a website like or These extra words not only give you a better shot at getting a name you want, but also appeal to those searching the Internet.

When Internet searchers see these words in the URL of the search results, they are much more likely to click through to your website. The link promises them to provide the targeted information they are looking for – and it is “easy”, “quick”, or “premium”. So, spend some time brainstorming a good list of possible names before you go to register one.

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By Rieko Riley