Hosting Photos on the Web

With the availability of high-quality, low-cost digital cameras on the market these days, many people are finding themselves becoming avid photographers with lots of photos to share with family and friends, or even the world at large. For the novice with a few vacation shots to the serious professional, there are web hosting sites that cater to everyone’s photographic storage needs.

For those with a limited amount of photographs that they would like to post without having to individually email large photo files, there are free photo hosting sites like Photobucket that will host a number of photographs for free and that have easy to use features for the less-than-computer-literate among us (like the grandmother who just wants to post family pics, for instance). There are limitations in reliability, available functions and features and possible limitations on the amount of visitors or how many pages of photos you can have, but for many, free photo-hosting is an adequate solution.

For the slightly more serious photography enthusiast, a shared hosting plan may be the answer. With shared hosting, you will have better reliability and domain hosting that allows you to use your own domain name and all at a very affordable price. The various packages offer different amounts of bandwidth, disk space, processing speed and other services like content management systems and tech support. There may be limitations on the configuration and it is important for the customer to choose a plan that can grow in bandwidth if the traffic demands it, but shared hosting offers a low cost solution for the avid photographer.

For the professional, it may be necessary to purchase a dedicated web hosting plan that can offer all the features required to create a professional showcase to sell the work. The professional will need flexibility and unlimited space for storing photographs as well as editing capabilities and fast loading and navigation capabilities.

From free hosting to dedicated server domain hosting there are web-based photo hosting systems that can meet any photographer’s requirements. The digital revolution has created a whole new dimension in modern photography and the web is playing a big part in its realization.

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By Edwin Markson